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Do you know what I like the most here? They’re women and they ARE NOT wearing super sexualized leather clothes or posing in impossible ways.

And, of course, the Captain America 40’s hair.

this is perfect.

THIS is how you do genderbends. There is NO reason to sexualize their costumes or their poses unless you’re going for a porn thing (perfectly acceptable). The only costume that’s really been changed at all is Bruce’s and all they’ve really done is exchanged the pants for a pencil skirt. Not a mini-skirt. A pencil skirt.

Also the fact that Nat’s costume is completely unchanged on the male version just goes to show how little the original is sexualized, despite what people think. It’s figure-hugging, yes. So is Cap’s, so is Clint’s, so is Tony’s for that matter. Hulk strips down to a pair of ripped shorts, for christ’s sake. It looks like her butt is emphasized because Scarlett happens to have a bangin’ ass that looks good in a cat-suit. If she had a flat butt, it would look flat.

Okay, I’m done.

This is abso-fucking-lutely brilliant. Especially everyone’s hair. 

The decision to keep Fury bald is just amazing. One thing about super-ladies that really bothers me is that they always have this mass of hair that is just begging to be grabbed by some assailant or getting in their face. Lady Thor’s braids are also fantastic, very true to Norse tradition, and Lady Tony’s hair is perfect.


This is stupidly hot.

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